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Designing Hygiea. Architecture, Urbanism and the Sanitized City in 19-th Century Central Europe, Workshop at TU Vienna

Oct 01, 2020 - Oct 02, 2020
Designing Hygiea. Workshop Announcement Workshop at TU Vienna

Designing Hygiea. Workshop Announcement Workshop at TU Vienna
Image Credit: Oliver Sukrow / TU Vienna

"Work in the history of 19th century architecture only rarely addresses medical issues, or the influence of medical developments on architectural design. Nevertheless, the problem of “healthy” or “hygienic” space was linked to urban planning and architectural considerations at an early point."

So reads a workshop announcement by our colleagues from the TU Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Oliver Sukrow and Richard Kurdiovsky. The question of the relationship between architecture and hygiene is highly topical in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, but has - as the workshop title vividly underlines - a historical dimension.

The programme includes a whole series of lectures dealing specifically with the architecture and spatial planning of the spa and sanatorium.

Anna Cabanel and Christian Noack from the European Spa Team will be participating in the workshop. Anna Cabanel will give a lecture on "'Le Terme dei Mussolini': Urbanism and Health Resorts in Fascist Italy". Christian Noack will take part in a panel discussion on the relationship between architecture and cultural heritage. The event will take place in today's hybrid format in a mixture of on- and offline.