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Official Opening of Harrogate Exhibition "Dive In"

News from Oct 08, 2021

The 1st of October saw the official opening of the Dive In exhibition at the Mercer Gallery in Harrogate, attended by some 40 invited guests. The show, charting the spa history of Harrogate and offering insights into other European spas, brilliantly combines historical documents with works of art. These included pieces by Josephine Buckenauer, Sarah Dillon, Nicola Maas, Eva Prühs and Charlotte Uhleman, created as part of a course held by our PI Henrike Schmidt and the Hamburg-based artist Gaby Bergmann. The HERA project also contributed an on-line element, Harrogate International, advertised in the exhibition with a film. Created by our PI Astrid Köhler with Jana Riedel, it compares Harrogate’s spa architecture and landscape with their European equivalents. There were also postcards on display with the URL. Have a look yourselves: https://harrogate-spa-stories.org/.  

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