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Resort Research in Times of Corona

Thermal Spring Protection Area

Thermal Spring Protection Area
Image Credit: The European Spa Project. Henrike Schmidt

News from Apr 06, 2020

The corona virus pandemic affects all areas of life, across all borders. We wish all our partners and readers to remain healthy and that the future of their work is not endangered. The health resort as an institution — and thus also our partner museums — are affected by the crisis in many ways. Patients and guests are not able to travel. Exhibitions had to be closed. People have to keep their distance. This touches upon both aspects of principal significance to our research agenda: transnationality and public space. We will certainly talk about this at our next virtual and real meetings. Our own research is also practically affected. Research trips cannot be realized, planned events are subject to change. Please stay informed about current changes on our homepage. But we also want to make use of the possibilities conveyed by digital media in order to keep up with our topic: in an informative and entertaining sense. Please find attached our first newsletter including links to spa texts and films, which can be read, watched or listened to on the internet. Have you ever seen Charlie Chaplin taking the waters? Of course, it's a lot of fun. Laughter is a proven remedy even in times of crisis.

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