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Healing Waters and Pleasure Grounds. The second episode of our podcast is online!

Underwater Games

Underwater Games
Image Credit: Eva Prühs

News from Dec 16, 2020

'Mens sana in corpore sano': since ancient times, mental and physical wellbeing have been seen as connected. Accordingly, spas have never been exclusively concerned with bodily health. In the Enlightenment period, indeed, spa doctors drew up dietetic prescriptions for their patients which included sociability at the well and enjoyments spread across the day as part of the health regime. 

Over time, these enjoyments became increasingly detached from the actual healing powers of the waters. Resorts were re-designed to offer a host of activities, encounters and amusements - pleasure-grounds, built where healing waters ran. 

The European Spa Podcast, Episode #2: Healing Waters and Pleasure Grounds 



Embark on the journey, attend spa concerts and visit the casino along with the heroes from works by Mary Countess von Bothmer, Anneli Jordahl, George Sand, Mikhail Lermontov, Charles Clarke, Thomas Mann (of course!) and others.

The next episode will deal with the spa as a place of nostalgic reverie or as an engine of social change.

We thank the many speakers for their talented and dedicated support!

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