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Discover health resorts across the continent with us. A podcast series.

Taking the waters. An allotted span of me-time. Podcast Cover

Taking the waters. An allotted span of me-time. Podcast Cover
Image Credit: Victoria Volk

News from Oct 15, 2020

This podcast, designed as a virtual journey through European spas in the broadest sense, from Belgium all the way to the Caucasus, has been created in times of the Corona-virus pandemic. With physical travel not possible, we have been passing the time with these literary imaginations. But even after the end of this pandemic, travel and health resorts will be different. Take the idea of the spa as a "transnational meeting place", which we are particularly concerned with in our research project. How will it be shaped in the face of travel restrictions, closed or semi-open borders and norms of social distancing? 

The next episode of the podcast will deal with spa society, its amusements, affairs, antagonisms and entanglements.

The European Spa Podcast, Episode #1: Travel and Arrival



We thank the many speakers for their talented and dedicated support!

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